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2016 Pinto Beans

13 Jul
Pinto bean sprouts

We’ve discussed manure and corn, and now it’s time to tackle another staple in farming. Beans. These little plants are a vital player in what we grow here at Silver Reef. In fact, not to toot our own horn, but Silver Reef has sold our pinto beans to quite a few customers throughout the United […]

2016 Corn Planting

05 Jul

Silver Reef is no stranger to corn. On our land, we plant both grain corn and corn silage. Although they sound similar, when it comes to harvesting their processes are quite different.  Grain corn must grow until the seed has reached dent stage; basically, it has to reach full maturity. Silver Reef has decided to […]

2016 Manure Plan

23 Jun

Manure is crucial in farming. Without it, the soil simply does not have enough nutrients to grow a successful crop. Usually, to determine how much manure is needed on a given piece of land, core samples are taken from each individual field after the previous crop has been harvested. Samples are then sent to the […]

Knee High by the Fourth of July

17 Jul
Knee High by the Fourth of July

This catchy phrase is actually quite useful.  In previous decades, the height of the corn would suggest the degree of crop success.  Ideally, corn would be chest-high by the Fourth, but if the corn was not at least knee-high on the nation’s birthday  it meant the crop was struggling and may not be ready in […]

Organics & Wildlife Biodiversity

16 May
Pond with Ducks

Just like humans, wildlife needs a place to call home.  A place that encourages health, safety and longevity.  Urban sprawl has begun to dramatically impact the habitats and lifestyles of wildlife.  This is apparent in news programs that have identified bears, coyotes and other predators invading the suburbs to seek food and shelter; raccoons begin […]

Why Organic Agriculture?

21 Feb

The most common question we get these days is: why organic?  Well, because people demand it.  Consumers are making more conscious decisions about what they eat, where they eat it, why they eat it and how it will impact them financially, spiritually and socially.  Food choices also have implicit effects on an individual’s health.  Access […]