Our Sustainability Initiative

Sustainability Initiative 2018-2022

Silver Reef Organic Farms is a USDA Certified Organic farm. We are certified by the CDA, one of the longest standing certifying groups in the National Organic Program.  Silver Reef Organic Farms runs on processes that avoid the uses of pesticides, genetically modified organisms, and synthetic fertilizers. This is accomplished in effort to minimize carbon emissions and optimize the health and longevity of independent ecosystems. 

SROF is committed to agro ecological effectiveness in modern day agriculture. To uphold this commitment we are taking action. As stewards of the land we must be willing to grow as our environment grows. We do not just live “on” the land we are apart of it.  So, to keep ourselves and our farm running at its highest good we have created a Sustainability Initiative for 2018-2022. This initiative’s soul purpose is for us to level up in the world of Sustainable Organic Agriculture resulting in verifiable and proven metrics.

Silver Reef Farms Grain Bin Initiative

Grain Bin Initiative

silver reef farms supports employee health

Employee Health

Precision Agriculture

Precision Agriculture

Alternative Manure Sources

Alternative Manure Sources

cover crops on silver reef farms

Use of Cover Crops / Smothering

Silver Reef Farms drone technology

Tier 4 Tractors/ GPS technology/ Drone Technology