Grain Bin Initiative

21 Feb
Employee Health

After taking a hard look at our budget and looking at the trucking costs for our wheat and corn we saw an opportunity to implement a more sustainable and efficient system. Our wheat was being delivered to Pine Bluff, Wyoming for storage and our corn has been going to Hudson, Colorado for storage. In 2018 we will be putting in two 50,000 bushel grain bins and one 30,000 bushel grain bin. This will allow us to deliver our corn right from the field to the bin, which will be a few miles rather than 75 miles to Pine Bluff and 100 miles to Hudson. This should reduce carbon emission, create less fuel costs, less road costs, and give us better control over getting our crops out of the field in a timely manner.

There will be more information to come on the Grain Bin Initiative at Silver Reef Organic Farms. We will post pictures as this come into fruition!



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