Dry Beans

Organic dry beans is a an important crop for Silver Reef Organic Farms.  This legume is produced in a three year crop rotation.  This helps make sure that each field’s nitrogen cycle is kept balanced and any residual pest and crop disease risks are minimized.  Upon emergence, we carefully plan an extensive weeding protocol using a combination of mechanical means (rotary hoe, cultivation, and harrowing) and hand labor. Effective weed management insures that each bean plant has sufficient access to light, water and space so that is may grow abundantly.  At harvest, we use specialized bean cutting and bean harvest equipment to decrease damage, splits and abnormalities thus delivering a more uniformed product to our customers.  Most of our products are shipped to a processing facility where it will be sold as dry product or further processed into canned goods. 

All of our organic dry beans are grown under pivot irrigation systems for the most efficient water use.