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Precision Agriculture

07 Mar
Precision Agriculture

Precision Agriculture is a way of making our farming systems more accurate, controlled, and sustainable. This is yet another reason why it is essential we have the best of the best equipment and technology, such as out tier 4 Tractors with GPS technology, drone technology, and FieldNet programming. Here is a break down of what […]

Alternative Manure Sources

21 Feb
Alternative Manure Sources

For the past 5 years we have been using feedlot and organic cow manure to fertilize our crops. This practice has served as a great way to build nutrient rich soil and produce strong yields. To continue to uphold the highest standards of sustainable agronomy we looked at alternative manure sources. So going forward we […]

Organics & Wildlife Biodiversity

16 May
Pond with Ducks

Just like humans, wildlife needs a place to call home.  A place that encourages health, safety and longevity.  Urban sprawl has begun to dramatically impact the habitats and lifestyles of wildlife.  This is apparent in news programs that have identified bears, coyotes and other predators invading the suburbs to seek food and shelter; raccoons begin […]