Alternative Manure Sources

21 Feb
Alternative Manure Sources

For the past 5 years we have been using feedlot and organic cow manure to fertilize our crops. This practice has served as a great way to build nutrient rich soil and produce strong yields. To continue to uphold the highest standards of sustainable agronomy we looked at alternative manure sources. So going forward we will use a new fertilizer method.

Chicken manure is the richest animal manure in nitrogen, phosphorus acid, sulfur and potassium.  In the spirit of sustainability, using chicken manure will produce less carbon emissions. We will not need to stock pile chicken manure as we do with cattle manure. When we stockpile the cattle manure it sits and releases unnecessary carbon into the atmosphere. We will also need less manure, reducing our number of loads to be trucked to and from the farm.  Reducing our carbon emissions, fuel cost, labor cost, and road maintenance, all sustainable and metrics proven savings. Lastly, by using chicken manure we will be using 3 tons to an acre rather than 35-45 tons of cow manure to an acre, resulting in less passes over the field, equaling less compaction and less carbon emissions.

The goal is to trim the fat where we can and become a more sustainable system. Chicken manure is one facet in achieving this goal and the over all outcomes will be less carbon emissions and a smaller carbon footprint.

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