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2017 Corn Planting

09 Aug
Corn Sprout

Welcome back! Today’s topic is corn. What we’re planting, why we’re planting it, and so on and so forth. Let’s begin with grain corn… Unlike last year when we decided to go with four different varieties (if you want a refresher, feel free to check that post out here), this year we’re only planting two. […]

We’re Back! (Update)

01 Aug

It’s been a while since our last post, so before diving into all the things we have coming up, we thought we’d let you know what we’ve been up to since we last posted. In quick recap: We planted our wheat in late September and early October and are very pleased to say it is […]

2016 Pinto Beans

13 Jul
Pinto bean sprouts

We’ve discussed manure and corn, and now it’s time to tackle another staple in farming. Beans. These little plants are a vital player in what we grow here at Silver Reef. In fact, not to toot our own horn, but Silver Reef has sold our pinto beans to quite a few customers throughout the United […]

2016 Corn Planting

05 Jul

Silver Reef is no stranger to corn. On our land, we plant both grain corn and corn silage. Although they sound similar, when it comes to harvesting their processes are quite different.  Grain corn must grow until the seed has reached dent stage; basically, it has to reach full maturity. Silver Reef has decided to […]

2016 Manure Plan

23 Jun

Manure is crucial in farming. Without it, the soil simply does not have enough nutrients to grow a successful crop. Usually, to determine how much manure is needed on a given piece of land, core samples are taken from each individual field after the previous crop has been harvested. Samples are then sent to the […]

Rohrbacker: A Brief History

16 Jun

While there will be various blog postings to come on what Silver Reef has done and will do with the Rohrbacker property, the land itself has such a rich history that it wouldn’t be right if we didn’t share it. Encompassing 160 acres, the land was first homesteaded by the Rohrbacker family. The property is […]


30 Jun
Nutrient dense soil fertilized with organic milk cow manure

Spring showers bring May flowers… and planting season.  Unfortunately, 2015 brought a bit more spring rains that we originally expected.  The Northern Colorado region experienced about 7 inches of rain during the month of May, our ideal planting time.  This is almost three times the amount that is expected in previous years.  The added rains […]